sponsored an end-of-the-year to which authors were asked to submit a single post representing their best 2008 work. I selected An Unexpected Independence Day Celebration because I believe it is one of my best-crafted short stories. It is based not upon one particular person, but, rather, several people who are dear to me, including a special couple in whose honor I wrote the piece as a way of demonstrating my affection for them upon the occasion of their wedding. My second choice for 2008 is The Keys to Her Future.


  1. Joanna Young

    A lovely short story! Thanks so much for including it in this round up of the year’s best posts.

    Joanna Young´s last post: Happy Christmas!

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  3. Jenn – I think your Independence Day story was magnificent. Unexpected only begins to describe what the narrator must have been feeling. The complexity of the emotions in this story are incredible. I like how you set up the story – in that = we think the mother is going to need to go slow in getting used to life without her husband. . . What these women must have felt for each other while married must have been amazing as well. Have you written about them from that standpoint? How they lived while they were married? Excellent story!

    koe whitton-williams´s last post: Jilly Nines and Kevin