About Jenn

1. How long have you been writing fiction?

I started writing fiction for the first time when I launched Mixed Metaphor.net in late 2007.

2. What kind of fiction do you enjoy writing?

It’s all about human relationships. I have no interest in science fiction or most fantasy. Mysteries are intriguing and fun, although I haven’t really delved into writing a good mystery yet. Eventually, I will.

3. What kind of fiction do you enjoy reading?

I enjoy reading fictional stories about situations and circumstances in which people could conceivably find themselves. In other words, stories about events and people that are not so far-fetched as to be impossible.

I love reading about how people analyze and react to challenges that they find themselves facing in real life, especially within the context of their interactions with and ability to relate to other people, whether they be family or not. For that reason, I have read most of the books that Oprah, over the years, has selected for her book club. I discovered many of my favorite novels of all time in that fashion.

4. Has your work ever been published?

Only at Mixed Metaphor.net. I have no idea how one goes about looking for an agent or publisher, submitting his/her work, etc. — and no time to research the process. So I dream about being “discovered” in the old-fashioned Lana Turner-esque fashion, i.e., by someone happening upon my site and deciding to publish my work. If you know a publisher, send him/her to my site!

5. What are your writing dreams and goals?

Like every writer, my dream is to be published, of course, and earn enough money to be able to quit my “day job” and focus solely on writing. Since that will most likely never happen, I keep getting up and going to work every day, writing when I can steal a moment late at night or on the weekends.

6. Is any of your fictional work autobiographical?

I’ll never tell!

7. Is Jenn H. your real name?

I’ll never tell that, either.

8. How can readers contact you?

Send an email to jenn at mixedmetaphor dot net.