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In many different respects, 2008 was a challenging year for most. But on New Year’s Eve, we pause to remember the good things that happened during the past year. On this night, we forget our problems and cares, looking hopefully to the future. Precisely at midnight, we’ll be singing and toasting the arrival of 2009!

Hope you brought your family and good friends along, because the party is just getting underway. The champagne has been on ice all day and the waiters are popping the first bottles now. The hors d’ oeuvres will be served momentarily. Grab a few noisemakers and select a silly hat! The orchestra is tuning up and will begin playing in just a few minutes.

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The champagne is on ice, the hors d’ oeuvres will be ready to serve shortly, there are noisemakers, silly hats, and confetti for all the guests, and the orchestra is tuning up. Hear them?

You obviously received your invitation because here you are! And you’re wearing your most festive attire! Wonderful! The New Year’s festivities are getting underway!

Holiday Themes

From Dawn: So that was Christmas at Mama’s Coffee Break. Noisy toys, an ex, ex-in-laws . . . they’re enough to make Dawn glad Christmas only comes once a year!

It seemed as though they had been sitting in the car for hours. The weight of the topic, her son’s expectations, and her responsibilities bore down on her, making her feel as though she could not breathe and tempting her to simply open the car door and run as far and fast as she could in any direction so long as her feet carried her away from everyone and everything familiar to her.

Finally, she took a deep breath and turned to face her son’s insistent gaze.